Did Eclipse Make 2015’s Best Melodic Metal Album?

Eclipse: melodic metal is the Top Melodic Heavy Metal Albums of 2015

Did Eclipse Make 2015’s Best Melodic Metal Album?

by Jody Haskins for The Laguna Spectator

Swedish import Eclipse are the modern day champions of melodic metal.  They burst onto the heavy metal scene in 2012 with their debut melodic metal album ‘Bleed & Scream’.  If you enjoyed the last Eclipse album, you should be very happy with this one.  Armageddonize will really appeal to old school fans of bands such as Mr. Big, Krokus, Blue Murder and Y & T.Melodic Metal Albums of 2015

If you like this, check out their first album from 2012 Bleed & Scream.   It is even better than this one.

Formed in Stockholm 1999 by Erik Mårtensson, Magnus Henriksson & Anders Berlin.

The band went through numerous lineup changes and turmoil while they worked their way to the top of the melodic heavy metal ladder.  All the blood, sweat and tears paid off in 2012 when the band released the critically acclaimed album “Bleed & Scream”.

In addition to being the driving force behind Eclipse, Erik Mårtensson and Magnus Henriksson are also producing other bands such as W.E.T., Toby Hitchcock, Giant and Adrenaline Rush just to name a few.

Mårtensson has a built a solid reputation as the top producer and songwriter in the melodic heavy metal genre.  On ‘Armageddonize’  Eclipse shows that they are the last best hope for melodic heavy metal going beyond 2015.

If you love sweet melodies, catchy pop metal hooks and high energy rock music you should really enjoy Eclipse ‘Armageddonize’.  After you give it a listen, vote in the poll below.  Let me hear you!  Do you agree or disagree that Eclipse Armageddonize is the best melodic metal album of 2015?
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Did Eclipse Make 2015's Best Melodic Metal Album?
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