Metal News Update: Axl Rose has replaced Brian Johnson in AC/DC

Metal News Update: Axl Rose has replaced Brian Johnson in AC/DC

 by Jody Haskins for The Laguna Spectator

Metal News Update: Axl Rose is officially on tour and singing in AC/DC in place of Brian Johnson.  For the most part he seems to be doing a good job. Most of the video’s I have seen of these shows are impressive.  I missed this story badly.  I even wrote a blog on how ridiculous the rumor was and what a bad idea I thought it would be if that actually happened.  Then I went further out on a limb and proclaimed that only Marc Storace from Krokus could possible lead AC/DC on these remaining tour dates.  My crystal ball was cracked.   A word to the wise just because you think you know something doesn’t always mean that you do.

Check out the video below to hear Axl Rose sing Back in Black live onstage with AC/DC.

Retraction.  I had a blog all about how Axl Rose would never sing for AC/DC.  I was so sure that AC/DC would choose Marc Storace of Krokus as Brian Johnson's replacement.

A few days after this blog there were reports of Axl Rose being in the studio with AC/DC.  Then the next thing you know there it is.  Guns N' Roses are on tour and here comes Angus Young onto the stage.  Talk about a surreal moment.  You have Axl Rose in Dave Grohl's broken foot chair and he is doing a damn near pitch perfect performance of Riff Raff and Whole Lotta Rosie.

So I have to eat my words on this one.  My rock and roll instincts failed me on this heavy metal news prediction.  Here is the video, if you don't believe me watch it for yourself.  After that you can read the stupid article where I said this would never happen.  Oh well.

Here is the original blog.

Today I woke up the worst heavy metal news.  Axl Rose is rumored to be replacing Brian Johnson on the upcoming 10 date AC/DC tour.  This post reeked of  bullshit the moment I saw it.  There is one logical choice to replace Brian Johnson.  If AC/DC has any real intentions of being a viable recording and touring act they should hire Marc Storace, lead singer of Krokus.

Can you imagine if Marc became the new lead singer?  I would go to the show just to see what happens the first time AC/DC with Marc Storace takes the stage and belts out that Krokus classic Eat The Rich.  In today's highly charged political environment, it could be the rock and roll experience of the year.

Marc passed up the opportunity to join AC/DC when Brian Johnson was originally hired to replace Bon Scott. At the time, Krokus seemed like it had more of a future than AC/DC.  Krokus is still around they still sound amazing.  Krokus was also planning its first US tour in decades around the same time AC/DC had scheduled their US tour dates.  Blabbermouth is reporting that Marc told them he would take the job in this interview with Marc Storace.

So here is your perfect solution for the AC/DC singer dilemma, but it involves more than the singer.  AC/DC also needs to hire a new bass player and drummer as well as a new singer.  The new AC/DC will simply be what is left of Krokus and AC/DC.  If I were advising Marc Storace, I would instruct him to demand 10 of the action in the AC/DC Brand.

This way sometime in the near future, the remaining members will own the entity known as AC/DC.  They could tour a set including AC/DC and a little Krokus.  If they hire folks that look and sound like the originals artists, people will always pay to see them.

If Marc Storace had been the lead singer the entire time, AC/DC would have more than two decent post-Bon Scott albums.  After "For Those About To Rock" the band was musically spent and they have just been re-hashing the same old repetitive sound.

If that doesn't work out AC/DC could merge with Jameson Raid.  Terry Dark would kill it as AC/DC singer as well.

Here is a sample of Marc Storace "Eat The Rich"  Crank this shit up!

That is your Heavy Metal News Update for this Saturday May  14, 2016

p.s. Does this remind anyone else of the time that Joe Montana finished his Hall of Fame career with the Kansas City Chiefs?

If you are interested in learning more about this story click the story below.

Angus Young Crashes GUNS N' ROSES Set To Give A Taste of AC/DC with Axl Rose on Vocals

Metal News Update: Axl Rose is replacing Brian Johnson in AC/DC
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Metal News Update: Axl Rose is replacing Brian Johnson in AC/DC
Today I woke up the worst heavy metal news. Axl Rose is replacing Brian Johnson on the remainder of the 2016 AC/DC tour. He is doing it and doing it well.
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