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The NWOBHM is Still Going Strong with New Music from Jameson Raid

by Jody Haskins For The Laguna Spectator

‘Uninvited Guests’ is new music from NWOBHM legends Jameson Raid.  Jameson Raid hails from Birmingham, England.  Their origins go all the way back to 1973.  They reunited in 2009 and they are still rocking today.  

Jameson Raid had a reputation as one of the best hard rocking bands in the early eighties.  They opened for many more established acts and blew them off the stage every time.  One of the biggest mysteries of the NWOBHM was how Jameson Raid went unsigned to a major or even minor label.  They had an underground hit with “Seven Days of Splendour”.

Fast forward to 2015 and Jameson Raid is still going strong with two original members.  Today they have a record contract and a new CD for a whole new generation of NWOBHM fans to enjoy.

Listen to this wonderful new track “Truth & Heresy” while you read the review. I think you will be pleased if you are a fan of the NWOBHM sound.

Mr. Sunset: Track 1

Uninvited Guests begins with a Tesla sounding synthesizer and acoustic guitar intro. This new music sounds like a Beatles song at the beginning. It quickly changes gears into a fast heavy guitar riff driven rock. Guitarist Dave Rothan shows out. Rothan is a great guitar player. He has bounced around since before the advent of the NWOBHM.  He is best known for playing with Graham Bonnet.  This is some really catchy new music with a fantastic chorus and powerful melodic groove laid down in superb fashion by bass player Peter Green *(The only original member other than lead singer Terry Dark) and Drummer Lars Wickett.

If this was 1983 new music like this would have been very popular among the underground fans of the NWOBHM.  The MTV video for this song would have been epic. It deserves to be a major hit today but that is very difficult for a band with origins in the NWOBHM to get recognized for their new music in 2015.

Uninvited Guests: Track 2

New Music RaidAnother guitar string plucking acoustic intro combined with beautiful vocals by Terry Dark. As soon as someone is heard whispering ‘Uninvited Guests’ the band kicks into Motorhead gear and starts grinding out some of the filthiest licks I have heard since Joe Perry let loose in the seventies on Aerosmith ‘Rocks’. Nasty, gritty down and dirty guitar licks that will melt your brains. The drums and bass lay down a nice back beat for the guitar showcase.

Metal People: Track 3

Metal People is an anthem to a way of life that can only be understood by metal heads. Let me paraphrase the lyrics for you. ‘We’ve been underground in no man’s land. Those people out there, they don’t know who we are so now we’ll tell em, proud as hell…Were Metal People!’

One of my favorite aspects of this song is the swinging guitar riff that sounds like a turn and a twist on the opening riff on the 1980 hit single ‘Turning Japanese’ by the new wave band Vapor.

Breaking Point Track 4

new music raid‘My brother he blackmails me, my sister she laughs…..SOMETHING keeps me alive. It’s got me again and again. It never will leave me alone, that sweet powder.’ So here we have a churning Volume 4 sounding take off on Black Sabbath’s ‘Snowblind’.  The vocals are just so maniacal and twisted throughout this album. Terry Dark has catapulted himself to the top of my favorite modern day heavy metal vocalists. This guy has the Bon Scott snarl and the Dio range. He never comes across boring. He really pours his soul into his vocals and amazingly they are as good or better today than they have ever been. Rich and powerful.

Red Moon: Track 5

This is an epic haunting track with melody, power and finesse. If you are a fan of Rainbow or Black Sabbath, you will want to listen to this track.

Roll On Tomorrow. Track 6

Nw Music RaidThis is some new music from the NWOBHM that  will you want to play while you are flying down a dark stretch of lonely highway. Roll the windows down, put that pedal to the metal.

SS Idol Tearz: Track 7

Strange sailor talk opening to the song. Somewhat reminiscent of the background talking on Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy album. This is a hard rocking’ tribute to some soldiers who died at the bottom of the ocean after having their ship torpedoed by the enemy. ‘

Maze of Rats: Track 8

Jameson Raid show off their speed metal skills on this fast paced hard rocker.

Haunted: Track 9

Finally we start with a nice quiet acoustic guitar and laid back vocal track. Don’t misunderstand me, it is still a heavy track in the same way that Led Zeppelin’s ‘Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You’ is a heavy track. I like it and I highly recommend it. Could have easily been a Great White or Led Zeppelin song.

Reasons: Track 10

This song starts with U2 sounding guitar and air raid sirens. It quickly transitions to early Metallica speed metal. Amazingly, the song retains its melody throughout.

Truth and Heresy Track 11

Uninvited Guests ends on a somber, hard rocking note.  Throughout the history of heavy metal music, there have been those like Megadeth and Black Sabbath brave enough to take on the establishment.

Jameson Raid takes their shot at the hypocrisy of the church.  Here is a sampling of the thought provoking lyrics from this track.

‘ILaguna Spectator Uninvited Guests new music raidn the name of the God keep us from dying, we are afraid. Can we open up the curtain? Is there light the other side? Only one way to be certain and it makes me want to run and hide. The preachers say you must have faith but now we see them and we don’t feel safe. Truth and Heresy Is there a God, a deity? Truth and Heresy, if I die will I be free? Charlatans and false disciples, hold a torch that gives no light. Scammed too many bibles, hiding truth from our plain sight.’

If you want to learn more about the history of Jameson Raid click HERE.

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Author: Jody Haskins

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