NWOBHM Band More Ode To Misogyny Blood & Thunder

NWOBHM Band More Ode To Misogyny Blood & Thunder

NWOBHM Band More Blood & Thunder LP Review

by Jody Haskins for The Laguna Spectator

As I delve deeper into the NWOBHM Band catalog, I notice a consistent misogynistic lyrical theme.  Then again if radical feminism is your bag, you probably aren’t a fan of the NWOBHM anyway.

I would recommend playing this video and listening to the album while reading the review. 

The cover of Blood and Thunder is awful as is often the case with low budget NWOBHM bands of the day.  However, More was on the Atlantic Label and they should have had enough money to do better.

More second album Blood & Thunder is a better sounding album than their first one (even though their first album was produced by Tony Iommi)

The dude holding the guitar on the album cover looks like the love child of Grizzly Adams and Meatloaf. This was the end of the disco age so ugly and fat wasn’t selling unless your were BTO or Foghat.

Blood & Thunder from the NWOBHM Band More.

Killer on The Prowl:  I don’t understand why anyone would think it was a good idea to start this song off with a burp.  I guess it was the same guy who thought this was a good back cover photo for the album.


Blood & Thunder: The lyrics are Black Sabbath good.

“Blood and Thunder, the devil waits, it’s much too late as he takes his bow. Blood and Thunder scream in pain”.

I Just Can’t Believe It: The production sounds better on this song. It sounds like this album was recorded by different producers? It sounds like that to me. This song is where you will find one of the better examples of the “New Wave” part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

I’ve Been Waiting: Straight ahead rocker in the Bob Seger and Bad Company tradition.

Traitor’s Gate: Another fast paced straight ahead rocker. One man’s struggle to get to the top of the NWOBHM heap.  This song is bad ass but hindered by poor production.

Rock & Roll: A poor man’s version of Deep Purple’s Lazy.  The production sound’s a little more lively on this track. A foot stomping good time in the finest tradition of Grand Funk Railroad and Deep Purple.

I Wanna Take You: I swear this sounds like a Ritchie Blackmore riff from the Machine Head days of the early seventies.  Try to ignore the lyrics and enjoy the raw and nasty guitar riffs.

Go Home: Now More’s heavy metal sound is reminiscent of really hard early Deep Purple from the In Rock LP. I have to believe that Deep Purple wasn’t a huge influence for More.  Lyrically another masterpiece of early eighties angst.

The Eye: This is a flat out jam. Best enjoyed if a little “relaxed” and through a good set of earphones. Blistering guitar solos that bend your ear and twist inside your brain with no mercy. If you like flashy guitar jams then this song is for you. I would say it is Ace Frehley meets Ronnie Montrose. No lyrics for the first time on this album and that is a good thing.  I could put this one on a loop and listen for hours.

Nightmare: We reach the end of More Blood & Thunder. This song sounds like what would happen if Elton John and Alice Cooper wrote a song together, I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Lyrically it is nothing special  However, musically the band really stretches their muscles. This song goes off into Styx territory.

It is a good song to wrap up the album because it shows some musical diversity and a possible future direction for the band.

In conclusion, if you enjoy music from the new wave of British heavy metal, you will enjoy this album.  Unless of course you are offended by Misogyny in the lyrics, then you won’t.  That is OK because everything ain’t for everybody.

NWOBHM Band More Ode To Misogyny Blood & Thunder
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NWOBHM Band More Ode To Misogyny Blood & Thunder
I keep finding new/old metal band's. This one happens to be NWOBHM Band More's second album Blood & Thunder. Here is my review.
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Author: Jody Haskins

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