Ozzy Osbourne songs on Diary of a Madman vs. The Mob Rules

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Ozzy Osbourne songs on ‘Diary of A Madman’ vs. Black Sabbath’s Dio Led ‘The Mob Rules’.

by Steve Syda for The Laguna Spectator

The age old debate among Black Sabbath fans will always be who was the better singer, songwriter and front man for Black Sabbath? Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio.

‘Mob Rules’ is Black Sabbath’s second LP with ex-rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio.  Dio took over as lead singer after the band fired Ozzy Osbourne basically for being too wasted all the time.  Dio did what only Sammy Hagar has done before.  He filled the shoes of his predecessor and took the band to new heights of fame and fortune.

Black Sabbath really storms out of the gate with fierce intensity on ‘Turn up the Night’.

The audio assault continues on ‘Voodoo’.  This track has superb vocals by Dio, super heavy guitar riffs by Iommi.  An even heavier groove is laid down by Vinny Appice  on drums and Geezer Butler on bass.

The title track “Mob Rules” projects an energy that makes you want to play air drums, guitar and bass all at the same time. As far as the guitar work its typical Tony Iommi which always satisfies, but nothing out of the ordinary or jaw dropping.  Dio’s vocals on Mob Rules are showcased on ‘Sign of the Southern Cross’.

Dio’s raw emotion and grace stand out for the dark and haunting ‘Over and Over’.  Another example of Dio’s vocal versatility is the song ‘Falling off the Edge of the World’.  It starts off gracefully then kicks in with an accelerating joust of energy as the song progresses.

In the category of metal album I think the songs on The Mob Rules takes the prize over Ozzy Osbourne songs on Diary of a Madman for lyrics.

Classic Rock Album Masterpiece: Diary of a Madman

The Ozzy Osbourne songs on ‘Diary of a Madman’ are masterful works of musical expression.   The album opens with a wallop of chaos from Lee Kerslake’s pounding drum riff and straight into Randy Rhoads driving guitar on ‘Over the Mountain’. Randy’s classical fusion puts Diary over the top on the title track  ‘Diary of a Madman’ taking the listener on a bipolar musical experience of dark elegance and fierce guitar attacks.

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The Blizzard of Oz

Lyrically I don’t think the Ozzy Osbourne songs on Diary of a Madman stand up to the Dio songs on The Mob Rules.

It’s the musicianship that made the Diary of a Madman special.  Mob Rules has the whole package.  Mystical Ronnie James Dio vocals combined with his famous ferocious growl.

There are some forceful Ozzy Osbourne songs like ‘Over the Mountain’ where Randy Rhoads revolutionized rock guitar and that alone makes Diary of A Madman a masterpiece.

In conclusion, if you are in the mood for a superb vocals and riffs go with Mob Rules.  If you would rather hear a blistering heavy metal album with lightning fast guitar solos go with ‘Diary of a Madman’.

Ozzy vs Dio Round Two: Diary of a Madman vs The Mob Rules
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Ozzy vs Dio Round Two: Diary of a Madman vs The Mob Rules
The Ozzy Osbourne songs on Diary of a Madman represent some of the very best work of his career, including the Black Sabbath years.
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Author: Jody Haskins

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