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Vandenberg Heading For A Storm Rocks

by Jody Haskins for The Laguna Spectator

It is time to dig deep into a good slab of 80’s metal vinyl for your reading and listening pleasure, I present the definitive last word on Vandenberg: Heading For A Storm.

Laguna Rock Reporter Vandenberg Heading For A StormWe have to start with the absolutely horrible album cover art for Vandenberg Heading For a Storm. What the hell were they thinking? They must have been suffering from (RBACD)-Riot Bad Album Cover Disease. This album cover comes in the bottom of the stack in terms of creativity and imagination not to mention artistic style or ability. A simple picture of the band or just about anything else would be an improvement. Luckily the music inside is many notches above the crappy cover art.

The first track has the requisite party theme. This one is about how hard they are going to party on “Friday Night” after a hard week on the job…whatever that job was. I imagine it being a crappy retail gig. I had a couple of those at Rich’s and Macy’s. New low doesn’t even begin to describe it. I would rather dig ditches in 1000 degrees heat than put up with that garbage again. Sorry about getting off track there, back to the album and the second track which has the highly imaginative title of “Welcome to The Club”. More cheesy eighties pop melodic metal fluff. So we get the point, it is Friday night and we are going to the club.

Track three starts out with some real hard edged riffs and back beat. I like it instantly. It is called “Time Will Tell”. So far I like this one best. The only thing that hurts this track is the eighties backing vocals and super cheesy chorus. Otherwise an enjoyable track.

vandenbergThe fourth track “Different Worlds” starts out with a nice acoustic guitar and a nice solid hair metal backing beat that sets the stage for the first  metal ballad on this album and it is a good one. Beautiful music and lyrics performed in the most excellent fashion. The rhymes are just right. Not too dated sounding on this one track. It will be a definite addition to my YouTube Hair Metal Ballads Playlist.
Now let’s move on to side two of Vandenberg Heading For A Storm.

Vandenberg Heading For A Storm side two, track one is entitled “This Is War”.  Cringe worthy lyrics like “I ain’t gonna take this shit no more” make this a tough track to listen to if you are a person that pays attention to the lyrics.  If you don’t care about the lyrics and just love early eighties “Europe” sounding epic rock with some killer guitar work…well then you will like this track.

Vandenberg Heading For A Storm side two, track two is a nice hard rockin’ bluesy track called “I’m On Fire”.  It is reminiscent of Whitesnake.  Very hard and yet very melodic at the same time.  This track and does not sound like it is stuck in an early eighties hair metal nightmare.  This track is just good old fashioned rock and roll.

Holy crap, I like the guitar opening to the next track Heading For A Storm.  The title track is a killer slice of early eighties hair metal cherry pie.  Put a scoop of ice cream next to that pie.  Yes it is that good.  Epic soaring rock and roll.  Another Whitesnake sounding riff that is tailor made for cranking up on the morning drive to work.


Next up we get yet another Bad Company sounding bluesy hard rock sound that does not sound stuck in the early eighties.  Loud John Bonham style drums and heavy back beat and rhythm that make this another download worthy tune.  Rock On is the title and Rock on is what this track does in spectacular fashion.

Vandenberg Heading For A Storm the final track is entitled “Waiting For The Night”.  It starts off with a neo-classical Dio era Rainbow sounding acoustic guitar.  The song swiftly switches gears into a type of early speed metal style.  Very fast, hard and melodic.  Another winning epic sounding track.

So there you have it, the last word on Vandenberg LP Heading For A Storm.  Now as a reward for reading my post to the very end, I am giving you a chance to win this album for free from my personal collection.  All you have to do is share this article on your Facebook page.  The first person to share this post on their Facebook page will get a private message from me asking for your mailing address so I can ship this classic album to your front door for free!

I hope you enjoyed the review and good luck winning my album.

Rock On & Let It Roll!


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Vandenberg Heading For A Storm Rocks
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Author: Jody Haskins

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